Welcome to the new website for Mint Athens!

Hello! I am pleased to announce my official new WEBSITE!! YAY… after 4+ years of planning, thinking, working hard, and life just being crazy, Mint is still ever evolving! As the year progresses I will continue to update and change the site so keep checking back! My intent is to blog about all things LIFE! Hair, Skin, Weddings, Lifestyle, its all apart of who I am and my daily musings. Join me on my journey of health and happiness, mixed with humor and real life experiences. Enjoy my random recipes, quotes, as well as, useful tips and tricks to make your daily routine as easy as possible.

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Perks of being invited…

One of the perks of inviting your Mint stylist to your wedding is, of course, the possibilities of a hair change!!!  I have dreamed of such a style for, my July 2012 bride, Jessica Walker.  You see I have coiffed Jessica’s hair for years.  Her brother and my husband were college buddies together.  I’ve seen […]

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Wedding day mayhem…

 During the chaos of the wedding day festivities most of my favorite pictures are captured. I enjoy seeing my products, brushes and curling irons strewn about the hotel suite. This shows me I was in my creative director mode and we are in control. When executing perfection for a bridal party in a short about […]

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Look what we did this weekend…

The first weekend of October 2013 we donned our first FALL BRIDE!!  Courtney came to me as a previous bridesmaid from earlier this year.  I believe the BEST referral is from past bridesmaids that have experienced my day of services.  My intent with every wedding is to make each individual feel beautiful.  I enjoy every […]

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